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Feodosiya: The Armenian Fortress

armen cherkov“Hayots Berd” (“the Armenian Fortress”) - so was called the place of compact residence of the Armenians in Kaffa in the XIV-XV centuries.

The community built here several temples. Each of them is unique. At the entrance to the Church of St. John the Baptist (XIV century) you can see ancient tombstones, a stone slab with carved khachkars (crosses), and in the altar - the sculptural images of the Savior, John the Baptist, St. Nicholas (Nicholas of Myra), the apostles.

stefanSt. Stephan Church is remarkable for its frescoes and a fountain, and St. John the Evangelist Temple - for its wonderful acoustics. In St. George Church a small museum is opened.

Feodosiya: "The Famous and Majestic"

surb sarkis 1surb sarkisBy the middle of the XV century Armenians made up two thirds of the total population of Kaffa. Temples were the heart of the spiritual life of the community.

In Surb Sarkis (St. Sergius) Church (St. Sergius), founded in the XI century, the great artist and public figure Ivan (Hovhannes) Aivazovsky was christened, got married and buried.

 surb gevorkreshtakapetacSurb Reshtakapetats (Holy Archangels) Church was built in 1408 on the place of more ancient temple.

Surb Gevorg (St. George) Church is known for its ancient folk tradition: for the wish to come true on the patron saint's day one had to pass round the church three times.

Topolevka: Lights of Faith

topolevka sergiyaThe small Topolevka Village in Belogorsk Area keeps at once two tiny masterpieces of the medieval architecture.
Surb Sarkis (St. Sergius) Church is located in the very village and is remarkable for the abundance of the carved crosses, and an ornamented font.


topolevka paraskevySurb Urpat (St. Paraskeva) Church rises on the hill near the highway and amazingly bears a strong resemblance to Noah's Ark, rushing about the ocean of life. The inscription on a stone slab near the entrance says that “this glorious temple” was restored in 1702.

Sudak: Church of the 12 Apostles

sudak 12 apostolThe bright example of the Armenian community’s activities in the Town of Surozh became the area of its former port, which for centuries had been providing the connection of the Town with the overseas countries. The fortress tower, which is part of the port fortification system, and the temple of the 12 apostles are preserved here.

  sudak 12 apostol 1The latter is notable for its cut sanctuary part, where white stone decorated plates are embedded in. The pattern on the plates is obviously similar to the decorative carving of the Historic Armenia. You can see a few blocks with the carved crosses in the masonry of the tower walls.

Surb Hach Monastery


The monastery has an outward resemblance with a fortress. For 650 years it has been "the protection and shelter" of Crimean Armenians. It embodies the people’s strength of spirit.

The architect and the builders’ skill made it possible to include into a complex landscape and to organically link with each other the monastery buildings - Surb Nshan (Holy Sign) Church, a narthex with a patrol tower, refectory, abode, and a central court. The monastery church dating back to 1358 is one of the oldest buildings here.









vardavarHoliday "Vardavar"

The "Vardavar became widely celebrated and beloved national holiday. According to church tradition Vardavar is currently celebrated 98 days after Easter. Surb-Khach which is the spiritual center of the Crimean Armenians this day is transformed- the cheerfulness reigns here.       Then the festival begins- people dance, sing, make a feast and, according to ancient custom, drench each other with water generously.

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sevastopol krestThere aren’t many Armenian monuments in Sevastopol, but each of them is worthy of worship.

In the altar of the St. Clement Cave Church in Inkerman Monastery the large bloomed cross in the circle is inscribed. The scientists say that the church could be built by the Armenian masons in the XI century.

Not far from Inkerman Monastery there is a little-known cave temple of the XIV century the architectural features of which (in particular, the typical “lancet” vaults) give the right to consider it belonging to the Armenian community.


Sevastopol: City of Military Glory


An active participant of the Russian-Turkish Wars and the Crimean War, founder of Novorossiysk City Lazar Serebryakov (Kazar Artsatagortsyan, 1797-1862) was born in the Town of Karasubazar (it is the Town of Belogorsk now).

sevastopol 89More than 40 years he served for the benefit of Russia. The ashes of the famous admiral lies at the Common Cemetery in Sevastopol, where his son died and was buried.


Mors ARM

The favourable political and economic conditions allowed the Armenian community of Crimea to actively develop. Craftsmen successfully sold their goods and services, and maritime traffic gave merchants the opportunity to develop profitable trade. Industrious and easy to get on with the Armenians quickly adjusted mutual relations with all the neughbours. During XII-XV centuries the Armenian colonies in Kafa (Feodosiya), Sudak and Solkhat (Stariy Krim) became so numerous that in the official Latin documents there appeared the new names of this locality – Armenia Magna (Greater Armenia), Armenia Maritima (Maritime Armenia).243772




cerkov kerch

The spiritual center of the Armenian community of Kerch is St. Archangels Church in the city center.
Almost the entire 390th Armenian Infantry Division died in the bloody battles for the Kerch Peninsula in 1942. The monument on the common grave of Glazovka Village which is near Kerch is dedicated to the Soviet soldiers’ courage and fortitude.



Керчь. Армянская церковь Святых Архангелов



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