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Feodosiya: "The Famous and Majestic"

surb sarkis 1surb sarkisBy the middle of the XV century Armenians made up two thirds of the total population of Kaffa. Temples were the heart of the spiritual life of the community.

In Surb Sarkis (St. Sergius) Church (St. Sergius), founded in the XI century, the great artist and public figure Ivan (Hovhannes) Aivazovsky was christened, got married and buried.

 surb gevorkreshtakapetacSurb Reshtakapetats (Holy Archangels) Church was built in 1408 on the place of more ancient temple.

Surb Gevorg (St. George) Church is known for its ancient folk tradition: for the wish to come true on the patron saint's day one had to pass round the church three times.



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